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Education is a core value of Mental Health America in Sheboygan County. By providing education and prevention programming to youth in our community, we share knowledge about the importance of mental health and the warning signs of mental illness at an early age B4Stage4. It is our hope that, with this knowledge, more people will know when to reach out for help for themselves or a loved one, reducing stigma and saving lives in our community.

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PATH Providing Access to Healing

United Way of Sheboygan County PATH School based Therapy

Providing Access to Healing (PATH) is a United Way of Sheboygan County Initiative that helps provide confidential licensed mental health therapy in participating school districts throughout Sheboygan County. Partnered with Mental Health America in Sheboygan County and Ozaukee County Community Therapies, this school-based mental health program helps to create increased access to services for youth by removing financial and geographical barriers. Sheboygan County students in the PATH Program have experienced improved academic performance and social functioning and reduce suspensions, detentions, unexcused absences and symptoms.

FOR ADDITIONAL LOCAL YOUTH THERAPISTS OUTSIDE OF THE PATH PROGRAM - Please visit the THERAPIST DIRECTORY and search for specific youth focused topics as well as specify youth ages served.

Educational Presentations



Students learn the signs, symptoms, and other aspects of depression and anxiety. Students will receive a list of resources available within the community.

Depression/Suicide Prevention

Depression/Suicide Prevention

Students learn the signs of depression and receive valuable information on how to help prevent suicide. The topic of self-inquiry can be included upon request. Suicide prevention information is distributed to all students.

Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health Awareness

Characteristics of good mental health are provided, along with a description of common mental illnesses. Students learn about healthy lifestyle choices, and discover that the brain can be affected by illness.

Stress Management

Stress Management

Students learn healthy ways to manage stress in their lives.

Customized Program

Customized Program

If you would like a presentation for younger ages and/or on a specific mental illness or another topic related to mental illness to meet your students’ needs, please contact MHA.

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Mindful Classroom Initiative


Social Emotional Learning & Stress Management

Within our Mindful Student Series, MHA utilizes an evidence-based 10 week curriculum developed and used by Growing Minds. The Growing Minds curriculum lessons fall into four different categories, each relevant to concepts within the classroom. 

  • Focus and Attention: students will participate in activities that will help them to train their attention, focus during distractions, and notice their surroundings.
  • Self-awareness and Self-regulation: lessons focus on the five senses, being in the present moment, and pausing to make more thoughtful choices.
  • Thoughts and Emotions: students will learn that they have thoughts and emotions all the time and will learn to generate more kind thoughts and compassion for themselves.
  • Social skills and Relationships: students will discuss kindness, generosity, gratitude, and compassion in order to increase insight into others and create a stronger classroom and school community.

Our Mindful Educator Series utilizes the best in evidence-based education, resources, and practices to help teachers develop their own mindfulness practice as well as then teach it to their students. A Mindful Day, written by the MHA mindfulness staff included in the 8 hour series provides a detailed example of how to integrate the practices throughout the school day in the most effective and efficient way.


Interested in a Youth Mental Health Presentation?

If you are interested in a youth mental health topic seminar please download and return this classroom interest form. If you are interested in the Mindful Classroom Initiative, please CLICK HERE for more details and interest form. CURRENT VIRTUAL OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE.