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MHA Lakeshore's mental health and wellness podcast

The Think on This podcast is a broad look at the world of mental health in the hopes that through the stories of those who engage in mental health each day, we can provide much needed clarity to this subject.

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Thank you for your interest in Think on This podcast by Mental Health America Lakeshore. *PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING Some of these conversations may be difficult for listeners, due to the nature of this topic. If you are ever feeling overwhelmed, we invite you to pause the conversation and take care of yourself. There is no need to power through the podcast, as you can always come back to it later.

Please be aware that nothing said here consists of medical advice and if you are struggling with a mental illness, please reach out to the appropriate professional.

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6. Mental Health Stigma and Support with Hanna Maechtle

Hanna Maechtle works at Rogers Behavioral Health as a training specialist. In this role, Hanna trains community partners to implement WISE (Wise Initiative for Stigma Elimination) programming, such as Compassion Resilience, Up to Me, and Safe Person. Hanna has been with Rogers for several years, first as a residential counselor and then as a behavioral specialist in the OCD and Anxiety Center children’s residential care. Hanna earned her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point.

5. Mental Health in Faith Communities with Rev. Kristal Klemme

Rev. Kristal M. Klemme has been the pastor at First Congregational United Church of Christ since October of 2017. Kristal is a graduate of Lakeland University with a Bachelors of Arts in Religion and a minor in Vocal Performance and Pedagogy. She earned her Master of Divinity at Chicago Theological Seminary.

This conversation covers mental health in faith communities and the different responsibilities that faith communities have, in order to promote mental wellbeing. Although this conversation is with a Pastor, Mental Health America Lakeshore does not promote any specific religion or spiritual belief, rather this conversation is about how faith in general intersects with mental health and some of the unique qualities that mental health presents in faith.

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4. Eating Disorders, Yoga, and Fitness with Ashley Podzius

In this episode I talked with Ashley Podzius who is a Yoga for Eating Disorder Instructor and a Recovery Coach for Eating Disorders. She has worked in Behavioral Health at both the residential and outpatient levels, working with specifically eating disorders; which we talked about quite a bit. We also had great conversations around trauma and the divergence of fitness and wellness.

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3. Mental Illness, Trauma, and Counseling with Kaitlyn Kenealy

Winner of numerous awards, including Woman of Achievement 2022, Young Professional of the Year 2021, Brainz Magazine 500 Global List 2021, SHEro 2021, and Woman of Vision and Courage 2012–2013, Kaitlyn Kenealy is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and holds degrees in History and Women’s Studies, Gender and Women’s Studies, and Counseling (Community and Mental Health). As a psychotherapist, she specializes in trauma and PTSD, domestic violence, sexual abuse, anxiety, depression, and self-esteem. Kaitlyn is direct, solution-focused, and passionate about removing barriers to getting individuals and families the services they need. In addition to her private practice, Kaitlyn is proactively involved with many mental health services and outreach programs. Her podcast, Teatime with the Psychos, aims to break the stigma surrounding mental illness. Kaitlyn has also written her first book titled, “Healing is Messy AF”.
Healing is Messy AF - On Amazon 

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2. Children's Mental Health, Mindfulness, and Advocacy with Trisha Erpelding

Trisha has had a passion for working with children and youth for as long as she can remember. She graduated with a degree in social work from UW-Whitewater (Go Warhawks!) in 2008, and decided to continue her education by pursuing a Master's degree, which she earned in 2016. As the Director of Education and Advocacy at MHA Lakeshore, Trisha is able to pursue her dream of working with youth by educating students in Sheboygan County about a variety of mental health topics, including awareness, prevention, and stigma elimination. As a mindful classroom instructor, Trisha is able to share mindfulness with students in our area, teaching them valuable skills in order to focus, stay calm, self-regulate, and boost self-esteem. Trisha lives with her husband in the Sheboygan area with their son, Hayden, daughter Scarlett, and fur-baby Maddy.

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1. Meeting Community Mental Health Needs with Julie Preder

Julie defines her 25-year career as a gift to serve others. She is an advocate for highlighting social determinants of health relating to barriers to access to care. She is dedicated to implementing stigma reduction and social inclusion strategies and strives every day in her work to normalize the conversation surrounding our mental wellness.

Introductory Episode

Welcome to the Think on This w/ MHA Lakeshore Podcast. In this short episode, we talk about the reasoning and motivations behind this podcast and what our goals are.