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Love INC

(920) 783-6701 PO BOX 1241, Sheboygan, WI 53082

Love INC formed to mobilize local Christian churches to transform lives and communities through relationships in the Name of Christ. Love in the Name of Christ is a proven model with 157 affiliates operating across the country offering those in need a hand-up, as others in our community resource network offer a hand-out – and we recognize that both are important. Love INC offers an opportunity for neighbors-in-need to break the cycle of hopelessness – connecting them with caring individuals who will model our Christian beliefs through all interactions. The Clearinghouse is where Neighbors-In-Need are connected to caring and trained Volunteers. Intake Specialists, these Volunteers, are passionate about helping others – about helping you. During the call with them, they will listen carefully to everything that is happening and ask questions to better understand your situation. They will gather a lot of information and record this, pray with you and discuss how our church and community partners might be able to assist. You will be given choices as to how you want to proceed, and you will agree to action steps to help yourself. We begin our work to verify your situations, with your permission – an important step to be sure that we use the resources God has given us access to through the Churches very carefully. Love INC does not provide direct service nor is Love INC an emergency service organization. Our partners are area Churches and organizations that have a commitment to walk as Christ did, giving hope and the promise of new life. You can find your way with a little help from your friends through Love INC.

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