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Nourishing Healthy Habits with Mindfulness

Rachael Lewinski, Director of Wellness & Marketing

July 20th, 2020

Mindful Mondays

Let's take a moment to practice being mindful of our ways of thinking, habits, emotional responses, and relationships. When we take time to slow down and reflect on ourselves and our lives, it can give us better insight into whether we want to continue certain habits that we now see may produce unwanted and unhealthy results. Take a moment to watch the video below:

After watching the video, let's do a mindfulness practice to help us recognize and tame the angry wolf and then focus on "feeding" the peaceful wolf.

  • Find a mindful position either sitting or laying down. Notice your body touching the surface beneath you. 
  • Take 5-10 deep slow breaths. Silently repeat the words "I am" as you inhale and "calm" as you exhale. This brings us into a place where we can be calm when addressing things that may be uncomfortable or difficult to explore.
  • Now ask yourself the question "How am I feeding my angry wolf in my every day life?" Because we are now calm, we can better "tame" our angry wolf vs fighting and resisting it which may make it worse. Notice what arises in your mind and body without judgment, and with kindness, compassion, and curiosity. 
  • After observing, see if you can recognize some daily habits that lead you to creating anger and hostility within yourself and perhaps with others. Take 5-10 deep slow breaths as you observe and notice your body's sensations being with this revelation.
  • Now ask yourself a new question "What can I do to feed my peaceful wolf?" Notice what thoughts, emotions, ideas, and insights arise.
  • From your mindful insights, pick 1-3 new habits you can work to cultivate in your life and body that can nourish that peaceful and kind wolf. Pick one of those habits and take a few minutes to visualize yourself practicing this new ritual in your daily life.
  • Take 5-10 last deep breaths and focus on the quality of patience. Repeat in your mind as you breathe - inhale "I am", exhale "patient". Remember that new habits that produce results are formed with patience and persistence.

Do this practice a few times throughout the week to help you cultivate these habits throughout your summer!

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