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Less is More: Slow Down & Connect

Rachael Lewinski, Director of Wellness & Marketing

July 27th, 2020

Mindful Mondays

Less is More: Slow Down & Connect

This week's practice is inspired by a brief yet profound article Two Keys for Living Slowly and Connected by Danae Smith of This Wondrous Life. The simplicity of these two pieces truly demonstrates a "Less is More" philosophy that can help us slow down and connect more deeply to ourselves and our lives. Her two keys are: Being Present and Getting Grounded which are basics of mindfulness that we often practice. Join me below for a grounding presence mindfulness meditation you can practice daily as a ritual to create deeper relaxation and peace within your life. 


1. Choose a hot or warm beverage that you can hold (not too hot!) and use for the practice such as coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.
2. Find a space in your home that invites calm to your mind and body and find a mindful position sitting or standing.
3. When in this space, bring your attention to the warmth of the mug that holds your beverage. Feel the texture of the mug under your hands. Notice any steam rise from the top of the mug.
4. Take 3 deep breaths with the mug close to your nose, inhaling the aroma of the beverage. Notice how your body and mind feel afterwards.
5. Now notice your body touching the surface below you, whether it be your feet planted on the earth, or your body supported by a chair or couch. Take 5 deep breaths allowing yourself to relax more deeply into your seat or foundation below with each exhale.
6. When you take a drink of your beverage, remember to slow down and mindfully taste while noticing the warmth of the liquid moving into your body.
7. Spend between 5-30 minutes moving back and forth between noticing your beverage, paying attention your breath, and feeling your body on the ground or surface beneath you.
8. O
bserve things around you as well as thoughts and emotions that arise within you. You may also want to keep a journal nearby to jot down any insights that come to mind.

As we do mindful rituals such as this again and again, we train ourselves to slow down, live more simply, connect more deeply to the present moment, and enjoy what we have. It is amazing the peace of mind and lowered stress levels that occur from this intentional mindful way of living.

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