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Create a work culture that promotes productivity, happiness, health and overall well-being. MHA offers high quality trainings and workshops to cultivate engaged, productive, and less stressed employees using evidence-based best practices for the mind, body, and heart.

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Mindful Workplace

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Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention on purpose in the present moment, which improves focus, reduces stress and enhances memory.  It also builds emotional intelligence cultivating kindness, generosity, and compassion. Mindfulness in the workplace builds individual and organizational resilience through employee engagement. Increase productivity and decrease employee stress through mindful based skills training. Learn what top corporations such as Google, Intel, Goldman Sachs, LinkedIn, General Mills, Aetna, Apple, and Nike; sports teams and athletes such as the Golden State Warriors, Seattle Seahawks, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant; and organizations have discovered by implementing mindfulness into the daily work and performance schedule.


Intro to Mindfulness

What is mindfulness and how can you become more present in your everyday life? In this session, participants will build their own mindfulness practice for use in both their professional and personal life. Principles of mindfulness as well as several guided practices will be introduced and utilized. (Participation in the Introduction to Mindfulness session is encouraged but not required before participating in other mindfulness sessions.)

De-Stress at your Desk: Tools & Techniques for Focus & Well-being

64% of employees report work as their primary stressor in life. In this session, we will review the basics of mindfulness while introducing new practices that aid in reducing stress and improving focus. Participants will learn meditations using a mantra to increase the effectiveness of their mindfulness practice. The importance of gratitude, self-awareness, and compassion will also be discussed and be woven into the exercises provided. Each participant will receive a special mindful memento gift to help continue and encourage practice even after they have left the session. *Pre-requisite: Introduction to Mindfulness workshop

Mindful Movement

Led by a certified Yoga Instructor and Corrective Exercise Specialist, your company can offer high quality yoga and mind-body fitness classes right at your location. Choose from two main formats: Focus & Calm - a restorative gentle stretching and relaxing class appropriate for all participants and/or MindFLOW - a more physically challenging yet accessible vinyasa flow style yoga class for all levels. Each class introduces mindful movement and ways to focus and calm the mind and body.

Fitness & Nutrition for Mental Health

Learn how general fitness and nutrition affects our mental health and wellness. Session is created in collaboration with Aurora Health Health registered dieticians. Activities include mindful eating as well as a simple personalized fitness and nutrition plan to integrate into every day life.

Mindful Nature Experience

Growing bodies of research support that spending time in nature is good for our overall health and stress reduction. Research shows being in nature aids in reducing blood pressure and stress hormone levels while flooding the human body with fresh oxygen and chemicals from plants that improve health. Join an MHA Mindfulness Instructor and Certified Forest Bathing Habitat Guide for a refreshing and healing experience that is sure to leave you feeling revitalized and ready to return to work with clarity and enhanced creativity. On-site sessions available within your natural space or visit a beautiful setting around the community.

Interested in creating a mindful workplace?

If you are interested in having us come to your workplace or organization, please contact us for 2020 pricing, session options, and instructor schedule availability.