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Women's Mental Wellness Education Opportunity

Thursday, May 25th 6-7:30 PM

MHA Lakeshore Office-410 S. Milwaukee St. Plymouth, WI 53073

Women's Mental Wellness Education Opportunity

Do you know what EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), or “tapping,” is? Are you interested in knowing more and equipping yourself with a technique to manage stress? If so, please join Sheri Severson, LPC, NCC for an informational night on how to use and apply tapping for stress management.  This event is for women to gather and learn techniques.  Space is limited.

Disclaimer: Sheri Severson is a Licensed Professional Counselor. The information provided is meant to be educational in nature and not considered therapy. By participating in the group, you assume full responsibility for your mental and emotional health and well-being. Sheri cannot be held liable for misuse of the technique nor for those who choose to use the technique on issues that are beyond the scope of this basic EFT informational session. As always, use of good judgment in participating in the group and using the technique is advisable.


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