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THRIVE Women's Chronic Pain Support Group



THRIVE Women's Chronic Pain Support Group

Providing a safe place to make connections with women who have shared experiences with chronic pain. Peer support can increase hope, give perspective, and provide a sense of belonging. This group is a place to find understanding, acceptance and validation. We show support for each other through: confidentiality, mutuality, compassion, active listening, presence, and respect for all.

2nd Monday of month 6:30PM

Women learning to PACE their life and THRIVE:

Have a flare plan
Invest in Self
Voice your needs

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ANNA: Chronic pain can be a difficult journey. Some days are better than others. Those living with chronic pain need time and support. Time to recover. Time to heal. Time to embrace. As I am journeying through my own chronic pain, I have found surrounding myself with loving, non-judgmental, individuals has provided me with the most hope that there will be more good days than difficult ones. We rise by lifting each other.

Elizabeth THRIVE

BETH: My journey with chronic pain began after I was injured in an accident . Six months , several surgeries , and many specialists later, I was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome or CRPS. I was in disbelief at how quickly life can change. Anger, fear, frustration, and a sense of loss of control in my life led me to feel so alone. On this journey, I have decided I wouldn’t let pain defeat me, and I wanted to thrive in my life. With this support group, I hope to give back to others who are on this journey living life with chronic pain. By listening, sharing, and supporting each other, we can learn to pace ourselves and thrive together.

LOCATION: virtually through ZOOM

To request more information and/or to sign up and receive ZOOM link please click HERE

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