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Happy, Healthy, & Autistic

April 13, 2023 12:00-1:00pm

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Happy, Healthy, & Autistic

Dr. Marx is the founder of Place of Mind, which specializes in assessment and mental health, wellness, and healing with neurodivergent individuals to help them discover and define who they are and find (or create) the places where they belong and flourish.

Much of the historical and current information around autism is deficit-based and limited. In fact, some of it is now known to be completely inaccurate. The result is a disconnect from the actual experience of being autistic and the pathologizing of autistic people for being themselves. Misinformation, misguided support, and oppression creates and contributes to mental health difficulties, stress, and unintentional harm. Informed by lived experience, begin to broaden your own lens and see autistic thriving in ways that might be unrecognizable to non-autistic people and an ableist society.

Dr. Angela Marx is a neurodivergent licensed psychologist who has been joining with children, adolescents, adults, and families in various roles and places for the past 18 years. Although she uses research and scientific knowledge, she relies more heavily on each person’s experience to join and learn with them.

.Dr. Marx


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