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Associated Psychological Health Services

Dr. Toby Watson, Psy.D.

Associated Psychological Health Services

920-918-7377 2808 Kohler Memorial Dr, #1 Sheboygan, WI 53081

Dr. Watson is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin, holds a Master’s Degree from the California School of Professional Psychology-Fresno and a Doctorate in Clinical Depth/Dynamic Psychology (2002) from CSPP-Alliant University. He was additionally trained at: San Joaquin Psychotherapy Center in Clovis-Fresno, CA, one of the only psychiatric medication free enhanced day treatment programs in the country that specialized at providing intensive outpatient psychotherapeutic services for individuals often labeled "mentally ill". Dr. Watson was trained in milieu therapy at SJPC, and has literally written the chapter/book on this subject in the largest reference text in the world. He then was trained at the Allendale Association-Bradley Counseling Center, one of the largest child and adolescent residential, day-treatment and outpatient treatment facilities in the State of IL. Dr. Watson also is a former Chief Supervising Psychologist-Executive for the State of WI-Dept. of Corrections-KMCI (2011-2013), and was responsible for oversight of all mental health services for a medium secure institution of approximately 1,200 inmates. While employed with the State, he also became a state-wide training coordinator, conducting a host of crisis de-escalation and informational trainings with the National Alliance for Mentally Ill (NAMI). Dr. Watson is the former (2009-2011) International Executive Director of the International Society for Ethical Psychology and Psychiatry ( ISEPP, formally ICSPP, was founded and operated by Dr. Peter Breggin, MD. ISEPP is a not-for-profit professional educational organization comprising of hundreds of members: professors, researchers, psychiatrists, psychologists, neurologists, pediatricians, teachers, therapists and attorneys, who have for over 40 years critically analyzed the impact of mental health research and theory on the practice, politics, and awareness of mental health worldwide. Dr. Watson has also presented at, and is a member of, the International Society for the Psychological Treatment of Schizophrenia and other psychosis (, is a member of the Alliance for Human Research Protection (, the National Alliance of Professional Psychologist Providers (NAPPP), The Hearing Voices Network, Mindfreedom International, and of the PreTherapy International Network. He is a Nationally Registered Clinical Psychologist. Dr. Watson has provided testimony to the Food and Drug Administration regarding lack of effectiveness and safety of ECT, and upon SSRI induced suicide. He was an invited guest speaker and lecturer to the Congress of Mexico (speaking upon the link between psychiatric medications and violence in children and teens). Years later, he was asked to lecture to the Senate of Mexico and provide recommendations for psychiatric medication regulation and mental health treatment programming. He has appeared on several national television networks (Oprah Network, Family Network, NewsMax) speakingabout child behavioral disorders being treated by psychiatric medications as a first line of defense, and he has appeared as a featured guest on numerous national syndicated radios shows throughout the United States. He has been awarded numerous awards for his work. Dr. Watson specializes in integrating evidence based practices, and uses an integrated psycho-social-biological integrated model when lecturing, testifying and treating patients. He is also a former Federal Social Security Mental Health Disability Examiner, and has provided medical clearance examinations for a host of pending medical procedures, including but not limited to Bariatric Bypass Surgery, Gender Reassignment with Gender Dysphoria (Gender Identity Disorder), etc.. Dr. Watson conceptualizes one's struggles with a strong psychodynamic - cognitive behavioral conditioned response integrated perspective (e.g. families, children and with comprehensive programming).

Accepting court-ordered individuals Anxiety Behavior Modification Behavioral Issues Bipolar Disorder Cognitive/Behavioral Therapy Couples/Family Therapy Depression Emotional Disturbance Individual Therapy/Psychotherapy Mindfulness Based Psychological Assessments Relationship Issues/Divorce Sleep or Insomnia Supportive Psychotherapy Adult - 18 to 55 years Children - 5 to 12 years Senior - 55 years and up Teen - 13 to 17 years

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