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Reducing stigma surrounding mental illness and promoting mental wellness is needed now more than ever. Through our Support Not Stigma pledge campaign, ambassador programs, and informing public policy at local, state, and federal levels, Mental Health America provides the education, support, and advocacy to improve the mental health for all community members.

MHA Lakeshore Support Not Stigma


Help Us Promote Workplace Wellness

Workplace Ambassadors Overview

Whether you are an employee, an administrator, or an owner at your workplace, you can make a difference in improving mental health and wellness for all in your job. So much of our time is spent at work and good mental health is crucial for employee morale, productivity, career longevity, and overall fulfillment. Learn how you can become a mental health champion at work!


Support Us in Reaching Those in Need

Mental wellness is the foundation of our healthy, resilient community. Together, with mental health champions, peers, and workplaces, all individuals thrive in a compassionate, trauma-informed environment. Community members such as yourself are instrumental in helping us bring this vision to life in Sheboygan County. Use your specific skills, passions, and talents to reach out to others in support.


Become a Youth Ambassador or Join our Youth Advisory Board

Our youth ambassadors play a very important role in supporting each other and their mental health. Our young students and teens have unique mental health struggles that can be helped by their peers. You can help save or improve life by becoming an MHA Youth Ambassador today! Contact Education Coordinator, Keegan Rhynas, at 920-458-3951 ext. 1004 or to learn more.

Upcoming Events
There is HOPE Suicide Awareness Walk

Join us for the 18th Annual Walk

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Lemonade Widows Support Group


Join to share, listen, ask questions, or simply be with other women who understand your feelings.  Intended to provide a safe environment to share grief without judgment.

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Overdose Loss Support Group


Join a community of family and friends who have lost a loved one to an overdose. This group provides a place to share your story, connect, develop coping strategies, and remember your loved one.

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Interested in becoming an MHA Ambassador?

Would you like to become more engaged and involved in supporting MHA Lakeshore? Start by sharing our resources within your circles. For a bit more commitment, become an ambassador for MHA and mental health using your unique talents and skills to contribute to our mission and vision of creating a community that embraces mental wellness. Ambassadors are active on many levels including advocacy, public speaking, and storytelling. CONTACT US TODAY to find out about ambassador opportunities and share your ideas!


MHA builds public understanding of the issues by advocating on local, state, and federal levels to improve our system.

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