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Student Ambassadors play a vital role in supporting each other and their mental health. 

We know that when teens struggle, they talk to their peers. You can help save or improve a life - learn more about mental health and how to support your peers by becoming an MHA Student Ambassador today.

Let's Talk About It

There is a stigma around being open about mental health. We aim to stop that stigma starting at an early age. 50% of Americans will have a mental health condition sometime in life. Half of those will show symptoms by the age of 14. You are not alone. Support your peers by taking action today and join the MHA Student Ambassador program.

Introduction to Student Ambassador Program

Student Ambassador Program

You can become a Student Ambassador through MHA Lakeshore by clicking the "Become a Student Ambassador" button below. Additionally, if you would like to lead initiatives in your school district, you can apply to be a SAP Representative below by clicking and filling out the "Apply to be a SAP Representative" button. 

For more information, contact our Education Coordinator, Keegan Rhynas: 920-458-3951 ext. 1004 or


Students collectively work to bring mental health awareness, equity, inclusion, and stigma reduction to their schools and the community.


All high schools within Sheboygan County will provide mental wellness culture, including support services, resources, and education for all students.

School Advisory Board

A selected number of youth representatives from each high school can apply to serve as role models for the Ambassador Program. Each representative will serve by providing a voice around the school ambassador program, initiatives, prevention efforts, specific youth needs, intervention, recovery, and leadership.


  • A commitment of a one-year term
  • Attend bi-monthly meetings (virtual/in-person)
  • Parent/Guardian Permission
  • Attend training sessions hosted by MHA Lakeshore
  • Transportation to meetings (when in-person)

Learn more by contacting: 

Keegan Rhynas, Education Coordinator

920-458-3951 ext. 1004 or