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Mindfulness Programs

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Mindful Classroom Initiative

Mindful Student Series

MHA utilizes an evidence-based curriculum developed and used by Growing Minds. The Growing Minds curriculum’s lessons fall into four different categories, each relevant to concepts within the classroom. The first category discusses focus and attention. Students will participate in activities that will help them to train their attention, focus during distractions, and notice their surroundings. The second category targets self-awareness and self-regulation. Lessons focus on the five senses, being in the present moment, and pausing to make more thoughtful choices. The third category addresses thoughts and emotions. Students will learn that they have thoughts and emotions all the time and will learn to generate more kind thoughts and compassion for themselves. The fourth category discusses social skills and relationships. Students will discuss kindness, generosity, gratitude, and compassion in order to increase insight into others and create a stronger classroom and school community. 

Mindful Educator Series 
Next series runs June 25, 26, & 27 at Jake's Cafe in Sheboygan, WI

Join the team of MHA Mindful Instructors for a 3 half-day immersion
workshop for educators. Participants will develop a mindfulness practice
for personal and professional growth. Series includes an optional Trauma-Informed
Care (TIC) Educator Workshop, presented by Katy Pruitt from
Health and Human Services, on Tuesday, June 26th from 1 - 4 pm.

Mindful Educator Series Flyer

Click here to learn more details and register today! 


Mindful Workplace

Visit our Workplace Wellness page to learn about the specific Mindful Workplace trainings and workshops, including price and session details, that our experienced mindful instructors can bring onsite to improve overall health and wellness of your employees!  


Mindful Community Series 

MHA is hosting mindful community sessions monthly, open to the public, to include guided meditations and a variety of mindful topics for beginners, intermediate, and advanced mindful moments. 

Check out our events tab to learn more.  


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