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Medication Assistance

Mental Health America understands that medication can play a role in the process of treating mental illness. In light of this, MHA has a emergency medication assistance program for individuals who are determined to be in financial need.

Requests for assistance can only be made by a professional on behalf of his or her patient.

Mental Health America cannot take calls from individuals requiring assistance. Those needing assistance should have the health care professional with whom they are working make the call.

Due to limited funds, Mental Health America is only able to provide assistance with medication costs on a short-term basis. Money is never provided for medications. Rather, MHA receives the bill after proper authorization and the individual simply needs to pick up the medications. Most pharmacies in Sheboygan County are able to participate in this program.

MHA could use your help!

Each year, the number of individuals requiring assistance continues to increase. For that reason, it is harder than ever to handle the many requests that are received. Financial contributions from individuals, churches, and community organizations are always appreciated and will be used strictly for medication account costs.

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