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As an advocacy organization, Mental Health America actively addresses the mental health needs of the community. The organization also supports and/or speaks on behalf of those whose needs are not being addressed by the appropriate systems.

The following are examples of issues in which Mental Health America becomes involved as an advocate:

  • Periodically inviting legislators for discussions (in both formal and informal settings) - most recently MHA collaborated for the Candidate Forum held September 2014 with numerous partner organizations
  • Addressing unmet mental health needs in the community by creating awareness about those issues.
  • Creating awareness about mental illnesses as a way to reduce stigma surrounding such conditions.
  • Providing letters for support for organizations seeking grant dollars to address unmet needs.
  • Speaking out on budget issues that impact mental health care.
  • Assisting individuals who feel their rights have been violated.
  • Providing learning experiences for the general public in order to create understanding for those dealing with a mental illness.
  • Being supportive of legislative issues that relate to mental health.
  • Securing funding in order to provide emergency assistance for medication costs.

How can Mental Health America assist you?

A United Way affiliated agency