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December 19, 2016

#MindfulMonday 12-19-2016

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Welcome to #MindfulMonday!

The holidays are upon us! Many of us may be preparing for trips to visit family (or preparing for family to visit us!) or taking a break from school or work. While this may be the busiest time of year for many of us, mindfulness does not need to take a backseat during our hectic holiday schedules.

In fact, practicing mindfulness, especially over the next few weeks, may allow us to enjoy the holidays even more and experience less stress during this busy time. Whether you already have a routine mindfulness practice to help de-stress and feel more at peace, or you are a mindfulness beginner, we are sharing a valuable article this week to help you be more mindful during the holidays.

20 Mindful Habits to Practice For a Happier Holiday

Choose one, two, or choose all twenty, and you may find that you have a more enjoyable, more peaceful, and less stressful holiday!

Enjoy, and be well.


MHA wishes you and your family a happy and healthy holiday!

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