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Joanna Brandt

Lead Peer Specialist
Open Door, Peer Support Recovery & Drop In Program Site:  920-783-6801


For my mental health I...

love spending time with my husband Ryan, my stepdaughter Adina (11), and my son Rudie (4). They are such a vital part of mental well being and make me want to be the best person I can be!  I also love to loom knit and write loom knit patterns! The texture of yarn between my fingers and movement of my hands is stress relieving and fun! I love making hats, socks, scarves, blankets and exploring new ideas and coming up with new creations.

One thing on my bucket list is...

For the longest time it was getting my bachelor’s degree. I worked on and off on my degree for over 10 years and finished my bachelor’s in psychology with a concentration in mental health and minor in sociology in early June 2016.  Another thing that had been on my bucket list was to get married and have a family and biological child of my own! I am very lucky and fortunate for what I all have! 

A favorite Sheboygan County spot of mine is...

Lake Michigan because I find the sound of the waves relaxing and love to swim, when the water is warm enough that is!

I like working at MHA because...

I strongly support the mission and goals of MHA! I love being part of team that is so dedicated to making a difference in our community! I strongly believe in the importance of Open Door in our community and love being a peer specialist. To learn more about Open Door Click Here.


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