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Jessica Miner

Mental Health Resource Specialist
MHA Office:  920-458-3951 ext. 105


For my mental health I... 

paint, craft, upcycle neat things I find at resale shops, and practice Mindfulness Meditation.  My husband Sam, two children Gavin (8), Audrey (2), and our pets: Koko my cat, Sasha my doggy, and Yoshi our Bearded Dragon, also help to keep me centered.  We enjoy travel, reading and playing games, and cooking together. Well, Yoshi kind of just hangs out under her basking light, but you get it. 

One thing on my bucket list is... 

to go to Costa Rica!  I absolutely love nature and Costa Rica has such biodiversity.

A favorite Sheboygan County spot of mine is... 

this little off the beaten path access to Lake Michigan I found years ago, I often go there to get out of my head and re-center myself.

I like working at MHA because... 

I believe in our vision, and the team is amazing!  I am excited to be a part of an organization that is doing so much for the community.  


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